CHOICE Online Art Gallery

A Celebration of the Healing Journey

An image that says where your purchase goes, half to CHOICE, half to the artist


Among other vehicles, CHOICE has created a weekly art program and invites clients to indulge their creativity as they explore their feelings, motivations, fears, and dreams. This very powerful program has allowed the staff at CHOICE to reach clients previously thought to be unreachable. It's amazing to watch someone who is barely verbal walk into the art room and become engaged in a project that allows him to express previously strangling emotions buried deep inside. Art allows people to explore their feelings in a less threatening manner and perhaps face them and successfully work their way through them. This meaningful collection of images is available for sale and your purchase will not only support the mission of CHOICE, but will provide positive feedback and a very powerful validating message to the artist.

The $25 donation to CHOICE from your purchase goes directly to supporting the art program with additional supplies and staffing support. If you're not interested in purchasing art at this time, but still want to help, click here to make a donation. THANK YOU!!