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Advocacy and Case Management Services

No Cost Assistance to those in Need of Benefits, Housing, Case Management and Health Services.


Care Management

Health Advocacy, Peer Support & Health Care Management

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We can help you obtain the mental health services and benefits out there for you. We offer peer advocacy and provide a personal care manager who will meet with you to develop a plan that creates positive and lasting change in your life.

We can help you with:

  • Medicaid and Social Security Benefits
  • Food Stamps
  • Health Care and Health Benefits
  • Individual Care Plans
  • Care Managers Who Have Been There
  • and More…!

Homeless Outreach

Homeless Outreach Programs and Services

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We are committed to helping you obtain safe, stable permanent housing. Our Homeless Outreach Programs are run by professionals, many of whom have experienced similar housing issues and triumphed over them.

We can facilitate:

  • SPOA Applications
  • Landlord Negotiations
  • Supportive Home Search
  • Temporary Housing

Employment Services

Supported Employment Training and Services

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We can help you become “job ready”, seek employment and remain employed. We offer workshops, interview support and provide a foundation to help you succeed in your job.

We can help you with:

  • Resume and Application Support
  • Job Training
  • Interview Readiness
  • Transportation To/From Interviews
  • Ongoing Support After You Get the Job

Guy Fessenden Executive Director

A Message from Our Executive Director Guy Fessenden

Welcome to CHOICE: Consumers Helping Others in a Caring Environment.
We are an innovative, and some would said extraordinarily unique, peer agency that assists consumers of mental health services in receiving the vital benefits to which they are entitled. Our services are FREE and they come with an extra dose of compassion. And we DO NOT TURN ANYONE AWAY. That’s the short answer.

The long answer can be found within this website. From case management to homeless outreach and peer advocacy, our mission is to help YOU restore the dignity to your life that YOU deserve. We’re here to give you the foundation to meet the challenges you face every day. Let us lend you a hand.

Welcome to CHOICE!